Birbal Caught the Thief


birbal caught the thief

Birbal Caught The Thief

Birbal’s wisdom was known far a wide in the city of Agra. Often people would come to him with their problems. One day, a rich merchant paid a visit to Birbal. His house had been robbed, and he suspected that one of his servants had committed the robbery. So, the merchant invited Birbal to come to his house.

Birbal agreed, and the next day, he visited the merchant’s house early in the morning. He called all the merchant’s servants one by one and questioned them. All of them together and handed them each a stock of equal length. 

“These sticks are magical. They will instantly know who the thief is. The stick which is owned by the thief will grow two inches over the night; so make sure to get them back tomorrow morning.” Birbal instructed the servants.

The next day, Birbal went to the merchant’s house to collect the sticks. He asked the servants to show their sticks. One of them was shorter than others. Birbal immediately knew who the thief was. Pointing at the servant, he explained to the merchant that in the fear that his stick would grow two inches overnight, the thief had foolishly cut it two inches shorter. And the sticks were really just ordinary sticks. Once again, Birbal caught the thief through his his intelligence and cleverness. 

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