Tricked by Laughter: A Heartwarming Morale Story for Kids


Tricked By Laughter

tricked by laughter - a beautiful short story for small kids

One day, Tiggy Tiger caught a baby fox. He carried him off to his cave in his mouth.

On the way, Tiggy met father fox. He was surprised to see that the fox was laughing aloud. “Hee! Hee!”

“How strange that the father fox should laugh when his baby has been caught!” Tiggy thought.

Soon Tiggy noticed that mother fox was also laughing and the Fox’s little brothers were laughing with her, too!

They all stood around Tiggy and laughed. “Ha! Ha! Hee! Hee!” When he heard them, Tiggy too burst out laughing.

The moment Tiggy opened his mouth, the baby fox jumped out. Then all the baby foxes ran off to the safety of their hole.

“Why did you all laugh so?” Tiggy called out.” To make you laugh!

Then I could save my baby,” said Father Fox, laughing.

Tiggy saw that the joke was on him. All he could do was join in the laughter too. Tiggy realized that he has been tricked by laughter.

Tricked By Laughter Moral

“Tricked by Laughter” is an engaging story that teaches an important moral for kids: to never lose courage in tough situations. By embracing courage and maintaining a positive outlook, they can overcome any obstacle that comes their way.

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