A Horse and a Stag


A Horse and a Stag

A wild horse was grazing on a grassland which it had all to itself. After a while it saw a stag come and nibble on the same grassland. The horse did not like sharing the grass and so it wanted to get rid of the stag. 

As it stood wondering about how to do this, it saw a man pass by. It told the man about its plan and asked him if he would help it kill the stag. The man agreed, but said that to achieve this, he would have to bridle the horse and mount it in order to chase the stag.

The horse submitted to this and very soon the man killed the stag. But once he had done this, he refused to alight from the horse’s back, saying that the horse would have to become its beast of burden.

The horse was mad with rage and began to kick and flying, but all it got was a good whipping. It finally had to submit to the man and was harnessed for labour on a farm.

Morale of the story ‘A Horse and a Stag‘: Sharing is good. It also wins you friends.

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