Snow white



Once upon a time a queen had a baby girl. Her skin was as white as snow. The queen named her Snow White. A few years later, the queen died and Snow White’s father got a new wife. She was very wicked.

The new queen had a magic mirror. Every day she would ask it, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of us al?”. The mirror replied, “You are the fairest of them all.”

One day, when the queen asked the mirror this question, it said, “Snow White is the fairest of all.” This made the queen angry.

“Take Snow White into the forest and kill her”, said the queen to her huntsman.

The huntsman was a kind man. He took Snow White into the forest and told her to run away. Snow White ran till she saw a tiny cottage. In it, there was a table with seven tiny chairs. Upstairs, there were seven small beds,. Snow White went to sleep on the beds.

That evening the Seven dwarfs who lived in the little house returned home. They saw Snow White sleeping. They woke her up.

“Who are you?” they asked. Snow White told them her sad story. The dwarfs felt sorry. “Stay with us. You will be safe here,” they said.

Snow white was happy. She cooked the food and cleaned the house. The dwarfs told her not to open the door to anyone when they were not there.

In the castle, once again the wicked queen asked the mirror, “Who is the fairest of us all?

Snow White,” said the mirror, “and she lives in a cottage in the forest.”

The queen was angry. She decided to kill Snow White herself. She decided to kill Snow White herself. She dressed up as a poor woman and took some poisoned apples to the cottage. She tricked Snow White into having one.

Snow White ate the apple and fell down dead. The dwarfs returned and found Snow White on the floor. They were very sad. They placed her in a glass coffin.

One day a prince came there and saw Snow White. He kissed the lovely girl. Snow White woke up and saw the prince.

They got married and lived happily ever after and the evil queen was banished from the land forever.

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