The Enormous Turnip


The Enormous Turnip

the enormous turnip3

The old farmer cleared his garden one day and sowed some turnip seeds. And soon, there were lots of turnips in the garden.

But one turnip grew larger than the other turnips.It grew larger and larger until it was ENORMOUS!

One day, the farmer decided to pull out the enormous turnip. So he called out to his wife. The farmer and his wife pulled the turnip, but it did not come out. They tried harder and harder but in vein. 

They were tired now. So, they decided to call their neighbor’s son. Their neighbor’s boy helped them pull out the enormous turnip. But still the turnip would not come out! The boy called his sister and their dog to help. And together they all tried to pull out the giant turnip.

And still nothing happened. The neighbor’s cat came too. But the enormous turnip would not budge. And then all of a sudden, the huge turnip was uprooted. And they all came flying down.

Whew! What an effort it was to pull the giant turnip out of the ground.But they all enjoyed a great supper of turnip soup.

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