Unity is Strength


Unity is Strength

unity is strength

Once upon a time, there lived a flock of doves that flew from place to place in search of food, led by their king. One day, they were all trapped in a net. The doves desperately struggled to get out of the net, but it was of no use.

Then the dove king had an idea. He told all the doves to fly up together at once, thus lifting the net along with them. The doves immediately obeyed their king. The hunter looked up in astonishment as he saw his net rise into the air with the flock of doves.

The doves flew to the home of a mouse who was a faithful friend of dove king. Eventually, the mouse chewed the net with his teeth and feed the doves. Dove king thanked the mouse and all the doves flew in the free air once again.

Moral of the story Unity is Strength is : Unitedly we can achieve any goal.

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