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Quite Often we search the Internet hours to find that exclusive outline picture of an animal or we try to find a coloring page for kids on a particular topic. We search for something or the other to complete our little kid’s homework on time. But even after spending hours of browsing, we are not able to find that exclusive coloring page, bedtime story, poem, or rhyme to complete our kid’s homework.

Small Kids homework website is a small effort to save your valuable time by bringing all such resources required to complete your small kids homework. Explore different sections of this website and Have Fun while doing small kids homework.

outline and coloring pictures

Coloring Pages for Kids

Plenty of Outline Pictures and coloring pages for kids are available in this Section. Free coloring pages of Animals, Birds, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, and Transport. You can download coloring pages and outline pictures. Parents will find useful outline pictures to complete small kids’ homework.
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fairy tales

Inspirational Stories for kids

Discover the magic of our Inspirational Stories for Kids on our kid-friendly blog. Our engaging collection of stories is designed to empower young minds, fostering values like courage, kindness, and perseverance. Each story is a mini-adventure that makes learning morals fun and exciting. These tales are not only entertaining but also serve as great bedtime … Read more
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poems and rhymes

Poems and Rhymes

Poems and Rhymes A large collection of rhymes and poems for kids to complete small kids’ homework, including evergreen classics and easy-to-learn funny poems for kids on various themes. No need to browse various books to find out short poems for kids.. More Poems and Rhymes in Videos Section -> Kids Videos
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Slogans Slogans are great medium to let kids know about a topic in an interesting manner. These slogans for children are easy to understand and memorable. In the slogans section find punch lines on different topics and teach young kids in an interesting manner.
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Kids Videos

Kids Videos Watch school nursery rhymes and poems videos. Great way to learn poems by watching these poems videos. You can’t stop yourself from smiling by watching these amazing videos of children.  Poem Videos Funny Videos of Kids
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