Fairy Tales

Dive into the enchanted world of Fairy Tales Stories, where timeless adventures and valuable life lessons enchant young readers and reawaken nostalgia in adults. Our extensive collection includes beloved classics such as Cinderella and The Enormous Turnip, as well as enchanting tales from around the world. Each story stimulates the imagination, fosters curiosity, and fosters a love of reading.

Explore a treasure trove of captivating fairy tales that span generations, and share the joy of these timeless tales with those you care about. Discover the magic…

the queen bee

Experience the Wonder of ‘The Queen Bee’: A Captivating Story for Children

The Queen Bee helps simpleton in completing his task. Read the engrossing fairy tale story.

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Experience the Magic of ‘Cinderella’: A Beloved Fairytale

Famous Fairytale Story for small Small Kids. Read how Cinderella miseries turns into happiness when she meets her Prince with the help of Fairy.

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Thumbelina Fairy Tale Story

Thumbelina Fairy Tale Story Long, long ago, there was a woman. The woman was very sad as she had no children. One day she met a witch and told her that she wanted a child. The witch gave her a magic flower bud and went away. After some time the bud opened in full blossom.…

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Timmy The Elf

Timmy The Elf Timmy the elf, who lived in a wonderful world. He had, for company, his little friends and the woodland animals. His house was a beautiful toadstool in which he was happy and contended. Early in the morning, he did his household chores-sweeping, dusting and washing his clothes. He always had plenty of…

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Magic Angel

Magic Angel   William and Sissy were walking home from school when Sissy saw something duck behind a tree up ahead. “What’s that?” she asked, pointing at the tree. “That’s a tree silly,” said William. “No, I mean behind the tree. I saw something duck behind the tree. It looked like a ghost.” “Don’t be…

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the prince of the super heroes

The Prince of The Super Heroes

The Prince Of The Super Heroes Danica walked through the hall of the school on the way to class. Before she rounded the corner to Mrs. Perkins’ first grade class she bumped into Marietta. Marietta was a second grader and a whole six inches taller than Danica. She was also broader at the shoulders and…

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The Enormous Turnip

The Enormous Turnip The old farmer cleared his garden one day and sowed some turnip seeds. And soon, there were lots of turnips in the garden. But one turnip grew larger than the other turnips.It grew larger and larger until it was ENORMOUS! One day, the farmer decided to pull out the enormous turnip. So…

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RAPUNZEL Once upon a time there lived a man and his wife. They were going to have a baby after a long time. This made them very happy. Next door to them lived a witch. She had some lovely vegetables growing in her garden. The wife had a great desire for the Rapunzel leaves growing…

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PINOCCHIO Geppetto was a carpenter who made wooden toys for the children of his village. One day, he made a wooden puppet. As soon as he had finished, the puppet came alive and began to dance and sing. “Why, you are alive!” he said. “I said. I shall call you Pinocchio. You shall be the…

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sleeping beauty story

Sleeping Beauty Story-5 Enchanting Facts

You might be curious about the true story of Sleeping Beauty or the real story of Sleeping Beauty. Well, it’s filled with enchantment and wonder The Sleeping Beauty story for kids is a favorite, but it’s not just for little ones but this original story of Sleeping Beauty is loved by people of all ages.…

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Hansel and Gretel

HANSEL AND GRETEL Hansel and Gretel lived in a small house near a large wood. Their father was a poor woodcutter. Their mother died and their father married again. Their stepmother was very cruel. One night the father said that there was not much money left. “Then we must take Hansel and Gretel deep into…

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Snow white

SNOW WHITE Once upon a time a queen had a baby girl. Her skin was as white as snow. The queen named her Snow White. A few years later, the queen died and Snow White’s father got a new wife. She was very wicked. The new queen had a magic mirror. Every day she would…

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aladdin and the magic lamp

Aladdin and the Magic Lamp

ALADDIN AND THE MAGIC LAMP Aladdin was the son of Mustapha, a poor tailor. He was a lazy boy and played all day long. After his father died, his mother earned money by spinning cotton. One day, a wicked magician met Aladdin in the marketplace. He said, “You must be the son of my brother…

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