Thumbelina Fairy Tale Story


Thumbelina Fairy Tale Story

thumbelinaLong, long ago, there was a woman. The woman was very sad as she had no children. One day she met a witch and told her that she wanted a child.

The witch gave her a magic flower bud and went away. After some time the bud opened in full blossom. She was surprised to see a tiny girl, as big as a thumb lying in it. The woman named her Thumbelina.

thumbelina_frogOne night Thumbelina was lying comfortably in her flower bed lost in sweet dreams. Then, a large frog came near her. ” How pretty she is!” exclaimed the frog. “She will make a perfect match for my son.” The frog then carried her out and placed on a water Lily in the pond. There was a minnow who heard the girl sob. The minnow nibbled at lily stem and leaf drifted ashore.

thumbelina and beetleOn the shore she was seen by a beetle. The beetle caught and took her to his home in a large tree. Thumbelina was frightened to see the ugly beetle. Suddenly, then there came a large mouse.

The beetle was so scared to see the mouse that he ran away. The mouse then took Thumbelina his home and gave her sweets and fruits to eat. The mouse was very happy to find a friend like her.

As they were talking happily, a swallow came flying near them. The mouse was so frightened to see the bird that it went into its hole. The swallow was wounded on her leg and was left behind by her friends.

thumbelina princeThumbelina nursed her wound carefully. Within some days the wound of the swallow was healed up and she flew with Thumbelina clung to her claws. Flying a long distance they saw a beautiful country, It was the Fairy land.

The swallow flew down and gently laid Thumbelina on a flower where the prince of Fairy Land saw her. As soon as the prince touched her she immediately became a beautiful Fairy. The prince married Thumbelina. They began to live happily in the Fairy Land.

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