The foolish cats


The Foolish Cats

the foolish cats

A cat saw a piece of bread on the road. But by the time, it could reach it, another cat saw it and pounced upon it. Both the cats started fighting.

After sometime, the cats decided to divide the bread into two pieces. The other cat agreed. But who would divide the piece of bread ? Thy kept on thinking about this.

Meanwhile, a monkey came here. The cats asked the monkey to divide the bread into two halves.

The monkey was very cunning and also feeling very hungry. He made two pieces of the bread and then checked their sizes. Finding one bigger than the other, he ate a bit from the bigger piece. Then he noticed that the other piece was bigger and then ate a bit from that also.

He carried on like this for some time and eventually, he ate up both the pieces, leaving the foolish cats with nothing. The foolish cats were looking helplessly to each other and pondering over what happened to their piece of bread.

Moral of the story of the foolish cats: Do your work on your own, don’t rely on others to do it.

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