The Clever Monkeys


the clever monkeys

the clever monkeys

Two monkeys called Jittu and Nikki were good friends. They loved to play together on a hillside.

One day, as they were playing, a wicked wolf came along. The monkeys quickly hid on top of the hill.

‘I must somehow trick these two into coming down,’ the cunning wolf thought. He yelled loudly, “Okay, I am leaving now.” But the monkeys were even cleverer, “I’m going down now,” Jittu shouted so that the wolf could hear. “While the wolf eats me, you can escape Nikki,” he added. Then Jittu threw a small stone down the hill. It fell down with a PLOP!

“Aha! The foolish monkey has jumped down,” thought the wolf happily. He ran forward. Jittu and Nikki immediately pushed a huge rock off the hill together. “BOOM!” The huge rock fell on top of the wolf. “YEOW! My back is broken!” screamed the wolf in pain.

“Ha! Ha! The stupid wolf won’t trouble us any longer,’ chuckled Nikki and Jittu as they ran to safety. This way The Clever Monkeys get rid off the cunning wolf.

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