Little Christmas Baker


Little Christmas Baker

little christmas baker

It is Christmas Eve. Jack is very happy. He loves being with his family. Jack is helping Grandma and Grandpa to get everything ready. Grandpa asks, ” Will you help me to decorate the Christmas Tree ?” “Yes!” says Jack Excitingly. Grandma immediately takes out a recipe book. “after decorating the tree, you can be our little Christmas baker,” says Grandma.

“Grandma I would love to be Little Christmas Baker for all,” says Jack. “But wash your hands before you start,” says Grandma. “Of course!” replies Jack.

Jack wants to see Father Christmas (Santa Clause). Grandma tells him that if he helps decorate the Christmas tree and make delicious biscuits by becoming little Christmas baker, then he might get to see Santa Clause.

My little Christmas Baker, let us keep these biscuits on the dining table and wait for father Christmas by the tree,” says Grandma excitedly. 

Grandma and Grandpa brought some toys for Jack We can play games while we wait for Santa Clause,” says Grandpa.

“Santa Clause, when will you come and give gifts to me ? Jack yawns and asks. Jack falls asleep while waiting for him. Grandpa and Grandma keep some gifts right next to the Christmas Tree to surprise Jack once he wakes up the next morning.

Next morning when Jack wakes up he finds lots of gifts lying by his side. He was very happy to see all such Gifts. He picked up the Gifts and ran towards Grandma and Grandpa and said ” Look Santa Clause came last night and left so many Gifts for me.”

Grandma and Grandpa looked towards each other and smiled. ” You have helped us in baking biscuits, therefore Santa Clause has given the little Christmas baker so many Gifts. You are our Christmas Baker,” says Grandma.

Then Jack, Grandma and Grandpa opened all Gifts and all of them had a Great time on the Christmas Day.

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