Little Girl and the Kingfisher


Little Girl and the Kingfisher

little girl and the kingfisher

Once upon a time there was a little girl called ‘Tanya’. She was 7 years old. She used to remain sad because she had no friends. She felt very alone and bored. One find day, a bird came to Tanya’s house through window. It was a kingfisher bird. 

Tanya found it strange that it was “Talking Bird”. The bird asked Tanya – “Why are you so sad ?”. Tanya told her all the story about her loneliness and sad life. On hearing her sad story, Kingfisher asked Tanya “Will you be my friend ?”.  Tanya replied delightedly – “Yes we are now friends”. Then Little Girl and the Kingfisher bird spent hours by telling each other their life experiences.

Suddenly, Kingfisher flew away. Tanya was shocked to see Kingfisher leaving her alone and she got sad again. After some time, the kingfisher came with a fish in its beak. Kingfisher offered its fish to Tanya. Little girl and the Kingfisher bird exchanged their eatables. 

Tanya was now happy as she has now found a close friend forever. Little Girl and the Kingfisher bird played together through out the day. It was the most happy day for Tanya.

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