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Showcase your Kid’s talent to the whole world. If you want to publish your children’s crayon drawings then you can submit the same with the form given below, we will publish your kid’s drawing along with your Child’s photo on this website. Before submitting your drawing, please read the following terms of submission carefully.  

Terms of Crayon Drawing submission

1. You truthfully assert that the creative work being submitted is your own creation and that you are the lawful copyright holder of this creative work. Further, you truthfully assert you have not infringed on anybody else’s copyright in the creation of your creative work. 

 2. You grant copyright to this site.The grant of copyright to us shall allow us to not only publish your content on our website but also as an anthology that we may present in the form of CD, electronic media (pdf format e-books) or in print form at any time. 

3. We are not responsible or liable to any action if visitors to the site violate your copyright and distribute your creative work without your permission. We post Copyright notices on every page.

4. You will not receive any monetary compensation for your creative work. The immediate compensation we offer to all contributors is a unique opportunity to showcase their talent and share their creativity with a worldwide audience.

5. You grant us the right to organize, categorize and collate your creative work and present it on the website in any manner we see fit. We may remove any creative piece at our discretion.

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