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Searching for a spring poem that rhymes for little kids. You are at the right place.

“Springtime’s Gentle Hand” is a fun and delightful poem for kids about the wonders of spring. The poem talks about how flowers bloom, chasing away the cold and darkness of winter. It mentions butterflies dancing, leaves sprouting on trees, and bunnies hopping, all of which are signs of new life and energy. The poem also talks about the bright colors and blue skies that make springtime so beautiful. Overall, this poem helps kids appreciate the magic and joy of the spring season.

Springtime’s Gentle Hand

In the springtime, flowers bloom,

Chasing away winter’s gloom.

Butterflies dance in the air,

Magic and wonder are everywhere.

Green leaves sprout on the trees,

Swaying gently in the breeze.

Bunnies hop and birds sing,

Celebrating the joy of spring.

Raindrops fall, and rivers flow,

Helping all life to grow.

Colors bright, skies so blue,

Springtime’s beauty is fresh and new.

With each day, the world awakes,

As nature’s gentle hand remakes.

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