The Monkey and the wedge


The Monkey and the Wedge

the monkey and the wedge

A merchant once began to build a temple and hired workers. One day, the workers left for lunch, a group of monkeys handed at the temple site.

They began playing with everything that they saw. One of the monkeys saw a partly sawed log of wood lying in a corner. It had a wedge fixed in its center, so that it did not close up. Curious to know what the wedge was meant for, the monkey began furiously tugging at the wedge.

He heaved and tugged at it with all his might. At last the wedge came off, but not before tapping the legs of the monkey could never extricate his legs out of the closed wood. Finally, the trapped monkey was caught and beaten by the workers.

Moral of the Monkey and the wedge story: It is not wise to poke your nose into affairs that are not your concern.

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