The Brahmin With The Goat



the brahmin with the goat

Once, long ago, there lived a Brahmin. One day, he was carrying a goat on his shoulders and was going toward his home. As he was walking along, two thieves spotted him. The thieves were part of a gang that worked in a planned manner.  When the thieves saw the Brahmin with the goat, the first thing that came to their minds was how to cheat the poor Brahmin by taking his goat away. They could not rob him as it was daytime and they were on a very busy street. However, the thieves continued to pursue the Brahmin, waiting to catch him at a lonely spot.

The distance from the marketplace to his home was quite long. After walking some distance, the Brahmin with the goat had to go through a stretch of forest to reach his home. The forest was lonely and there was non one on the path. The thieves thought that the forest would be the ideal place for them to cheat the Brahmin. Their plan was ready now. The two thieves placed themselves separated in the forest so that no one could think that they were working together.

Their plan to trick the Brahmin into parting with his goat was ready. They were only waiting for the right opportunity to implement their plan. One of the thieves stepped into his path., The thief said with an expression of shock on his face. “Why are you carrying such a dirty dog on your shoulders ?”


He got angry. The Brahmin with the goat snapped at the thief – “Are you blind ?, “Can’t you see that I am carrying a goat ?” I don’t see a goat, I see a dog.” said the thief. The Brahmin looked at his goat and replied to the thief. “I am fairly confident that what I have is a goat and not a dog. I think either you have not seen a goat before, or you are mentally not sound. Whatever you are, let me have my goat and go my way.” The Brahmin was still walking along, a little confused. When the second thief came and said, “Good Heavens! Why are you carrying a dead calf on your shoulders, sir?”

The Brahmin was more confused this time. He lost faith in his own senses. “What manner of the beast I am carrying?” The Brahmin thought in panic. “Perhaps it is a demon that can change its form.” He threw the goat off his shoulders and scampered away home. The thieves quickly grabbed the goat they wanted.

Moral of The Brahmin With the Goat Story:  One should use one’s own intelligence when judging any situation.

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