The Scholars and the Lion


The Scholars and the Lion

the scholars and the lionIn a small town, there once lived four Brahmin scholars who were also great friends. Three of the scholars were very well-read, so they were very clever. But the fourth one, while lacking in knowledge, was rich in common sense.

One of the scholars remarked to the others, “If we go to faraway courts of great kings, our wisdom will earn us fame and fortune.”

The others immediately agreed. They all set out on their journey. On the way, they came across the skin and bones of a dead lion.

The first scholar said excitedly, “Let’s test the power of our knowledge. Let’s try and bring this dead lion back to life! I can put together its skeleton perfectly.”

“I can fill the skeleton with flesh and blood,” boasted the second scholar.

“I can give life into his body so that it becomes a living creature.” said third scholar.

The fourth scholar said nothing about what he could do.

He resigned, shook his head and said, “Very well, you can please yourselves and do as you wish, but please wait till I climb up a tree. All of you are great scholars. I trust your wisdom and knowledge. You have the power to bring a dead beast to life and soon this lion will roar and be alive. However, I am not sure, if you have the power to change the nature of a beast. A lion never eat grass, as a lamb will never eat flesh.”

His scholar friends laughed at him. “You seem to be scared for your life. Shame on you! You trust your knowledge, as you admit, but you have no idea, we enjoy complete control and command over the creatures we create. Why should the beast threaten us when we are the ones to bring it to life ? Anyways, you are free to hide anywhere you like to and watch us do our magic!”

the scholars and the lionThe fourth scholar quickly ran towards a tree and climbed up on it as his friends will laughed at him.

When the third brahmin scholar breathed life into the lion, the great beast sirred and awoke. Then, with a mighty roar, it leaps upon the three scholars and eat them up in minutes. The Brahmin on the tree thanked God for giving him the common sense not to mess with God and his creations. The scholars and the lion sets out a learning morale for all of us. 

Moral of the story –  The scholars and the lion : Apply wisdom judiciously.

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