The Prince of The Super Heroes


The Prince Of The Super Heroes

the prince of the super heroes
Danica walked through the hall of the school on the way to class. Before she rounded the corner to Mrs. Perkins’ first grade class she bumped into Marietta.

Marietta was a second grader and a whole six inches taller than Danica. She was also broader at the shoulders and the hips and weighed about twenty-five pounds more than Danica. She had been mean to Danica since the first day of school. When she saw Danica she snarled.

“You’re ugly!”

“I am not,” Danica replied.

“Your mom wears combat boots.”

Danica almost cried. She fought to hold back the tears. When she tried to walk around Marietta, the bigger girl stepped aside and cut her off. She wouldn’t let Danica pass.

Other students went around them. None of them noticed that Marietta was bullying Danica. All the teachers were in their classrooms, waiting for the students to take their seats.

“Please let me pass. I’m going to be late,” Danica said.

“So, why should I care?” Marietta asked.

Danica tried going around Marietta again, but the bigger girl reached out and grabbed Danica’s arm, which caused all of her books to fall to the floor and spread out. Marietta turned to run but hit something and fell backward to the floor, landing on her rear end. When she quit tumbling and was able to look up to see what she hit, there was a tall slender man wearing a crown on his head with his arms crossed. He looked down at Marietta with a disappointed look on his face.

Marietta and Danica, both surprised, sat on the floor looking up at the man, wondering who he was and where he came from.

“Who are you?” Danica asked.

“I am Rollins, the prince of the superheroes,” the man said, smiling.

Danica noticed that his smile covered his entire face. The prince looked at Marietta and smiled even bigger.

“Are you okay? You’re not hurt are you?”

Marietta shook her head. She was a little bruised but not hurt. The prince offered her his hand and helped her to her feet.

“You really shouldn’t bully other girls,” he said, brushing Marietta’s skirt so that it didn’t hold dust from the floor. “It’s not nice. And you wouldn’t want her to treat you that way if the shoe was on the other foot.”

“So who asked you?” Marietta asked with her lip curled.

“No one had to ask me,” Rollins said. “It’s my job to help out people are bullied.”

“So are you the bully police?” Marietta asked.

Rollins laughed.

“No, but that was a good one. “I’m a prince. My whole purpose in life is to make other people feel good about themselves. That’s why I’m against bullying.”

“Is that so?” Marietta asked, crossing her arms. “Then make me feel good about myself.”

“Okay,” Rollins said, putting his finger up to his forehead. He thought about it for a minute. “Well, I know you have a certain talent that you rarely use. But when you do put it to use, other people feel really good inside. You should exercise your gift more often.”

“What gift is that?” Marietta asked skeptically.

“You’re a singer,” Rollins smiled. He bent forward and put his nose an inch away from Marietta’s. “I’ve heard you singing to yourself for years. You need to take that talent and let others hear it too. They’ll like you a lot better and you won’t feel the need to bully.”

Marietta wondered how Rollins knew she could sing. She didn’t do it in public, only when she was in her room or somewhere all alone. When the next school talent show came along, she asked her teacher if she could sing a solo. She learned that people really did like to hear her sing, and she never bullied Danica again.

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