Poems and Rhymes

Poems and Rhymes

poems and rhymes

A large collection of rhymes and poems for kids to complete small kids’ homework, including evergreen classics and easy-to-learn funny poems for kids on various themes. No need to browse various books to find out short poems for kids..


15 Enchanting Christmas Poems for Kids: Discover the Festive Spirit

Christmas, the most enchanting time of the year, unfolds a magical world for the little ones. The joy, the laughter, the anticipation, and the sheer excitement are something every child looks forward to. And what better way to celebrate the spirit of Christmas than through whimsical and heartwarming poems? These Christmas poems for kids are…

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christmas poems religious

Christmas Poems: Top 10 Religious and Fun Poems

Christmas is a lovely time of year, and it is even more so for children. With all of the glittering lights, festive decorations, and delectable snacks, it’s no surprise that children like Christmas. “Christmas, however, is more than just a fun holiday.” In our delightful selection, explore the beautiful world of Christmas poems. These Christmas…

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10 Amazing Rhymes for Preschoolers: Sparking Creativity and Learning

Welcome to a world of engaging rhymes designed specifically for preschoolers! Rhymes are not only enjoyable and entertaining, but they are also effective tools for early childhood development. In this article, we’ll look at a collection of nursery rhymes that are specifically designed to spark creativity, improve language skills, and instill a love of learning…

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A Symphony of Spring – Interesting poem

The poem “A Symphony of Spring” is a cheerful, rhyming poem for kids that highlights the beauty and excitement of the spring season. The poem describes how tiny buds appear as winter fades away, and how birds return with their sweet songs, announcing the arrival of spring. The verses also depict the bright sun warming…

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Springtime’s Gentle Hand Poem | Spring Poem That Rhyme

Searching for a spring poem that rhymes for little kids. You are at the right place. “Springtime’s Gentle Hand” is a fun and delightful poem for kids about the wonders of spring. The poem talks about how flowers bloom, chasing away the cold and darkness of winter. It mentions butterflies dancing, leaves sprouting on trees,…

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handy pandy rhyme

Handy Pandy Rhyme – Discover Childhood Joy

Handy Pandy Jack a Dandy – Nursery rhyme for little kids having rhyming words. Kids can easily learn this small beautiful rhyme.

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this little piggy

Join the Fun with ‘This Little Piggy’: A Playful Poem for Kids”

Easy to learn nursery rhyme for little kids – This little piggy.

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baa baa black sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep – Enjoy evergreen rhyme of small kids.

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pat a cake

Pat a Cake

Pat a Cake Nursery Rhyme for little kids. Small children will love this rhyme.

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poems and rhymes

Cock crows in the morn

Cock Crows in the Morn, Beautiful Nursery Rhyme for little kids

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goosey goosey gander

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey Goosey Gander – Nursery Rhyme for Litlle children.

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rub a dub dub

Rub a Dub Dub

Rub a Dub Dub beautiful nursery rhyme for little kids.

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what does the bee do

What does the Bee Do

Small beautiful nursery rhyme for little ones. Kids will enjoy it and they can easily learn this rhyme.

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what is pink

What is Pink

What is Pink. Enjoy small Poem for little Kids

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rainy day walk

Rainy Day Walk

A Rainy Day Walk. Read interesting easy-to-learn rhyme for little kids.

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traffic signal

Traffic Signal

Traffic Signal poem for small kids.

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Triangle Rhyme

Triangle One Two Three, One Two Three, Do you See? Do you See? Up the Hill and to the Top, Down the Hill, and then you Stop. Straight Across, Tell me what have you Got? A Beautiful Triangle, I have got. See More Rhymes: Round Round, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on the Railways line, How…

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round round

Round Round

Round Round Round is a Pancake, Round is a plum, Round is a drum, Round is a Puppy, Curled up on a rug. Round are the spots, On a ladybug. Look all around, On the ground and air, Round Round Everywhere. More Poems like Round Round: My Birthday, Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on the Railways line, How Beautiful ……

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little rat poem

Little Rat and Cat

Little Rat and Cat I am Jerry, I Like Cherry. I live in a House  With my little mouse. There is a cat, Running behind a little rat. After the cat slipped on the mat, I laughed at that with my cute rat. More Poems like My Birthday: Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on…

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earth day

Earth Day

Save, save, save the earth, Take a Pledge this Earth Day which is very bright. Do it at once because it is very right. It gives nectar to honeybees, And trees to monkeys. We have to save the earth from pollution, and keep it away from destruction. Let the earth be blue, And not let…

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My Birthday

Each year on my birthday My people gift me toys. And my mother gives a party For all the girls and boys. My birthday cake with candles and icing pink and white with chocolates all around it makes a pretty sight. More Poems like My Birthday: Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, and Piggie on the…

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I love the sun

I love the sun that shines on me, God made the sun and god made me. I love the moon that blinks at me, God made the moon and god made me. I love the stars that twinkle at me, God made the stars and god made me. I love the flowers that smile at me, God made the…

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   It is Passport of friendship and lovely life, It can only be expressed not written in a file. Smile comes from the heart, It keeps us always relaxed and smart, A smile enriches our lives and our surroundings. Smile has no colour or odour and it brings the world closer, Smile is good for…

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Elephant Elephant

Elephant elephant so big so fat. He walks like this and he walks like that, He has no fingers, He has no toes. But! Oh my my, what a long nose! More Poems like Elephant Elephant : Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on the Railways line, How Beautiful the World Is   Related posts:…

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Flowers are bright, They bloom through sunlight. Flowers grow on the ground, But they spread all around. Flowers are good creatures, They have great features. They fall in spring, When I sing.   More Poems like Flowers : Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Elephant Elephant, How Beautiful the World Is Related posts: Winter Time Charming Rhyming Short Poem on…

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