Rhymes for Kids is a lively collection that combines enchanting verses and melodic tunes to captivate young minds and foster a love of poetry. Our diverse collection includes well-known nursery rhymes, soothing lullabies, and upbeat songs that encourage creativity and language development. Our rhymes provide an immersive experience that fosters cognitive and emotional growth in children, with catchy rhythms, memorable lyrics, and engaging illustrations.

Dive into our delightful Rhymes for Kids today and let the magic begin…


10 Amazing Rhymes for Preschoolers: Sparking Creativity and Learning

Welcome to a world of engaging rhymes designed specifically for preschoolers! Rhymes are not only enjoyable and entertaining, but they are also effective tools for early childhood development. In this article, we’ll look at a collection of nursery rhymes that are specifically designed to spark creativity, improve language skills, and instill a love of learning…

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handy pandy rhyme

Handy Pandy Rhyme – Discover Childhood Joy

Handy Pandy Jack a Dandy – Nursery rhyme for little kids having rhyming words. Kids can easily learn this small beautiful rhyme.

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this little piggy

Join the Fun with ‘This Little Piggy’: A Playful Poem for Kids”

Easy to learn nursery rhyme for little kids – This little piggy.

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baa baa black sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep

Baa Baa Black Sheep – Enjoy evergreen rhyme of small kids.

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pat a cake

Pat a Cake

Pat a Cake Nursery Rhyme for little kids. Small children will love this rhyme.

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poems and rhymes

Cock crows in the morn

Cock Crows in the Morn, Beautiful Nursery Rhyme for little kids

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goosey goosey gander

Goosey Goosey Gander

Goosey Goosey Gander – Nursery Rhyme for Litlle children.

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rub a dub dub

Rub a Dub Dub

Rub a Dub Dub beautiful nursery rhyme for little kids.

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what does the bee do

What does the Bee Do

Small beautiful nursery rhyme for little ones. Kids will enjoy it and they can easily learn this rhyme.

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rainy day walk

Rainy Day Walk

A Rainy Day Walk. Read interesting easy-to-learn rhyme for little kids.

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Triangle Rhyme

Triangle One Two Three, One Two Three, Do you See? Do you See? Up the Hill and to the Top, Down the Hill, and then you Stop. Straight Across, Tell me what have you Got? A Beautiful Triangle, I have got. See More Rhymes: Round Round, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on the Railways line, How…

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round round

Round Round

Round Round Round is a Pancake, Round is a plum, Round is a drum, Round is a Puppy, Curled up on a rug. Round are the spots, On a ladybug. Look all around, On the ground and air, Round Round Everywhere. More Poems like Round Round: My Birthday, Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Piggie on the Railways line, How Beautiful ……

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My Birthday

Each year on my birthday My people gift me toys. And my mother gives a party For all the girls and boys. My birthday cake with candles and icing pink and white with chocolates all around it makes a pretty sight. More Poems like My Birthday: Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, and Piggie on the…

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Piggie On the Railway Line

Piggie is on the railway line, Picking up stones. Down came the engine, And broke Piggy’s bones. “Ah,” said the piggy, “that’s not fair” “Oh!” said the engine “I don’t care.”   More Poems like Piggie On the Railway Line: Chocolates, Keep your City Clean, Elephant Elephant, How Beautiful the World Is

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The Clown

The Clown                          Look Look see the Clown,  He is jumping Up, He is falling down, He is rolling over like a ball, He doesn’t seem to care at all, More Poems: Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Bits of Paper, Shapes

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Our Dreams

Our Dreams  It’s our children’s dream, To make our nation supreme. Ours is a land of sages, Known for bravery for ages. None can with it complete, It’s culture no one beat. Check Out More Poems and Rhymes in Kids’ Videos

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Aeroplane Aeroplane Up In The Sky

Aeroplane Aeroplane Up In The Sky                           Aeroplane Aeroplane up in the sky, Where are you going, flying so high? Over the mountain, over the sea. Aeroplane, Aeroplane, Won’t you take me? Check Out More Poems and Rhymes in Kids’ Videos

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Healthy Wealthy and Wise

Healthy Wealthy and Wise                           The cock crows in the morning To tell us to rise, He who wakes late, Will never be wise For early to bed And early to rise Is the way to be healthy And wealthy and wise. More…

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I am a yellow sunflower

I Am a Yellow Sunflower I am a yellow sunflower I am so small Soil, Sun, Water, and air, I love you all When I reach the sky, You will see That I am as tall As can be! Other Rhymes: Two Little Mangoes, Bits of Paper, Postman

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kind hearts are gardens

Kind hearts are gardens

Kind Hearts are Gardens Kind hearts are like gardens, Kind thoughts are roots, Kind words are flowers, and Kind deeds are fruits. Other Rhymes: Two Little Mangoes, Bits of Paper, Postman

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Shapes Rectangle is the window and so is the door. Round is the ball, we bounce on the floor. Square is the dice, we count the numbers on Triangle is the instrument, I play “ting tong” Oval is the egg, we eat at breakfast time, All these shapes we learn in a rhyme. Other Rhymes…

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Holiday is fun

A holiday is fun Mama likes to play with me, Papa likes to cook, Dadi like to tell me a story, Dada like to sing, Didi like to read to me, and I like to go out and play. Other Rhymes: Two Little Mangoes, Bits of Paper, Postman  

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Bits of Paper


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I Like the Zoo

I like the Zoo, I like the Zoo, I like the Zoo, The lions and the monkey too, Elephant so big, the giraffe’s neck so long, I like the zoo, I like the zoo, Tiger’s stripes yellow and black, Camel has a bumpy back, I like the Zoo, I like the Zoo. Check Out More…

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My Life

My Life My family is my life, Papa and Mummy are very nice. Grandpa and Grandma take care of me, My brother and sister play with me, I sing I laugh, I dance and play, That’s my life day after day. Check Out More Poems and Rhymes in Kids Videos

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