Four Fools

Four Fools Once Akbar asked Birbal to bring him four of the world’s worst possible four fools. So the following morning, Birbal began looking for the four fools. The first fool he saw was a Brahmin. This Brahmin was running very fast carrying a plate of betel nuts, rice, and a few other things. When the … Read more

Birbal Identified the Guest

Birbal Identified the Guest Once Birbal was invited for supper by a rich man. The rich man had heard of Birbal’s intelligence and he wanted to see if Birbal was indeed as clever as people thought him to be. When Birbal reached the rich man’s home, he saw a huge gathering of people. Birbal greeted … Read more

Birbal Caught the Thief

Birbal Caught The Thief Birbal’s wisdom was known for a wide in the city of Agra. Often people would come to him with their problems. One day, a rich merchant paid a visit to Birbal. His house had been robbed, and he suspected that one of his servants had committed the robbery. So, the merchant … Read more