Birbal Identified the Guest


Birbal Identified the Guest

birbal identifies the guestOnce Birbal was invited for supper by a rich man. The rich man had heard of Birbal’s intelligence and he wanted to see, if Birbal was indeed as clever as people thought him to be.

When Birbal reached the rich man’s home, he saw a huge gathering of people. Birbal greeted the host and remarked, “I did not know that there would be so many guests!”

“These are my servants in disguise. Among them is the other gentleman who will be accompanying us for supper. Perhaps you could identify him.”

birbal identified the guest

“Perhaps I could, if you would tell them a joke!” Puzzled by Birbal’s request, the host told the gathering a joke. It was probably the worst joke in the world, yet everyone laughed loudly.

Birbal immediately pointed towards one gentleman in the corner, saying, “There is your other guest!”

The host was baffled, “How did you get to know?”

“It was simple. All your servants laughed, in fear of offending you by not laughing, while your guest did not even as much as smile.”

“Ah, finally Birbal identified the guest correct. You truly are as clever and intelligent as people claim you to be! I am greatly honored to be in your company!” the host replied, smiling.

Birbal identified the guest with his cleverness and won the hearts of all the people. Read another Akbar Birbal story Birbal Caught The Thief.

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