Woodpecker Facts

Woodpecker received its moniker as a result of the species’ habit of pecking on trees with their beaks. They actually use their beaks to create holes for nesting, to locate insect larvae found under the bark, and to mark their territory from their rivals.

Woodpecker has pointed beaks that are straight and very hard, and it uses it’s beaks like chisels. Woodpecker also uses its beaks to hammer or drum and tap to communicate with one another and to court. There are three-toed woodpeckers and four-toed woodpeckers, but all woodpeckers have short legs and long, strong toes with curved, sharp nails so that they can cling to trees.

Kingfishers of all three families beat their prey to death, either by whipping it against a tree or by dropping it on a stone.They are able to see well both in air and under water. To do this, their eyes have evolved an egg-shaped lens able to focus in the two different environments.

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